Friday, April 25, 2008

Facing Unemployment in 1.2 weeks

It is once again that time of year when the sun warms the surface of the earth, when the wind gusts through the green trees, when some of us must part ways in favor of free housing and reliable meals. But fret not! We shall not lose track due to our distance (and in my case, lack of my own automobile...), rather gather over the things we find dear - cooking. As I am still (unsuccessfully) looking for a job, and generally like to start things that i maybe will never finish, I propose a food blog. I cook often, mostly baking, but a general mix of things. I want to explore new horizons, have my own share of adventures and misadventures, and i invite you to do the same. Things i want to learn how to make: indian food, yummy food, rustic bread, interesting food, food, things, play-doh (which i havent made since an early age) I would also like to work on concreting my eyeballed recipes, allowing them to be shared :)

So heres a way for me to share my favorite recipes with you and you to do the same. That being said, if you have a recipe you would like me to make and post, hollar. I can also add another author or two to the account if you would like a more authoritative role (but of course i would encourage you to start your own food blog so that we may have more fun all around :) )

I guess i should share some bit about what type of food i like, to give the general populous an idea of what to expect. Thats crazy... but ill try anyway... I like good food that makes people happy. Something that brings together fresh ingredients, good friends and spontaneity. I hope to use the summer to build up a collection of recipes and then in the fall have some dinner parties (with the consent of my lovely roommate, of course :) )

While this is a way for me to share my favorite recipes / concoctions with you, i impatiently await your favorites :)

So. T minus 1.2 weeks. then, it shall begin.


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